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July 28, 2005

The Bus Story (by guest blogger Ari)

I find it incredibly interesting that this story died so quickly. 60 (!!) tourists led off a bus with their hands up. Tourists made to kneel on the street, in full view of the public, handcuffed, with sharpshooters trained on them… and the story lasted what, a day or so?

Not one teary eyed tourist from the bus addressed the media saying they were terrorized. Or, more even more interesting, no one made any sort of stink about racism, police brutality, humiliation or suing. Not a word about suing!! I guess Al Sharpton was too busy that day to galvanize things? Thank goodness. And as for the class and understanding of these poor tourists I’m not at all shocked. Just impressed. And I wish the story could have lived at least another day to teach some of the more litigious people here in NYC (y’know, like pests who protest political conventions and their ilk) a thing or two.

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