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November 28, 2006

Buenvenidos a Miami

Congressman Tancredo calls Miami a `Third World country’

I like Tancredo, honest, I think he’s a necessary voice against illegal immigration and speaks up when everyone else is silent. But this comment was moronic and Miami, as well as America, deserves an apology.

Miami is an incredible place, beautiful, vibrant, with glorious beaches, fantastic restaurants, a terrific nightlife and a culture to rival any of America’s great metropolises. It’s crime rates are on par with Denver, the capital city of Tancredo’s home state. Additionally, Miami has traditionally been home to the Cuban-American community, a community that has escaped Communism and is dedicated to fighting America’s enemies in Cuba. Are there many other immigrant groups who can say the same–that their goal is to help America defeat its enemies?

To insult Miami is to insult America–Tancredo should apologize.

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