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October 30, 2007

The one where I blog about TV at 1:30am

“Is it 2002 by you?” Ari asked after I recounted my third or fourth Sex and the City plot of the month.

Yeah, it kind of is.

I’m not particularly girly (no chick lit, no shoe obsession, no navel gazing about feelings) and I hated this show when it was on TV. Despised. Everybody around me watched it and it was unbearable. I hated all the characters. I hated the way they looked and the way they talked. I just found them completely idiotic. I thought they made women look stupid and, being a woman and all, I could not abide that.

And, in reality, I still sort of hate the show. But just like I’m a sucker for the 9pm Sunday hour on HBO, if I’m in the mood for TV, I’m watching 11pm syndicated sitcoms on Fox, TBS and whatever Channel 11 in NY is called these days.

Sex and the City has hit syndication and, only 3 years after its last episode, I’m watching.

I’ve found a sort of appreciation for it. I still find the women mostly ridiculous but I like watching all the different relationships unfold. I also, quite prudishly for me, appreciate that they can only show so much on network TV.

My favorite relationship on the show is Charlotte and Harry. She had a picture in her head of what love would be like and he didn’t fit it at all.

“Harry was bald and he talked with his mouth full. And I loved him anyway.”

I love that. Ok, maybe I’ve got a teensy bit of chick in me.

The character I’d most like to be friends with is Samantha. She’s completely no bullshit and I appreciate that so much in a friend. I wouldn’t be able to stand the graphic sex talk but I would like to take advantage of her on-point advice.

“As far as I’m concerned, the test of a good relationship is if you’re like this (Samantha frowns) or like this (she smiles vivaciously).”

For sure, girlfriend.

I don’t get the Carrie/Mr. Big connection, he’s boring and ostentatious, and I’m not a fan of Miranda with Steve. It just seems like she settled for him because he was nice to her. I love me some Smith Jerrod but the scene where he’s waiting for Samantha, knowing what she did with Richard, I mean, how can a man have any self respect after that?

So, commenters, who was your favorite couple on SATC?

And, completely unrelated exit question: What do you think happened with Jerry and Elaine after they got out of jail?

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