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August 29, 2006

Read to me

Sunday night I, along with the good-looking Allah, had the pleasure of meeting the visiting Patterico and his lovely family. We had a great dinner, then grabbed some drinks and chatted politics, blogging and lots of other stuff I can’t remember now because I was on 4 hours sleep.

After I left the fellas, I went over to Weenie Enema’s for her legendary Emmy-watching party. As I don’t watch TV, much less awards show for TV, I was chalking it up to ‘it’ll be an experience’. And it was. Emma is quirky and sarcastic and generally cracks me up. I could spend like 2 days looking at all the cool stuff she has in her room. She’s got a great book collection too, and kept encouraging me to borrow something. I demured, because while totally wanting to borrow like 10 of her books, I have plenty of my own books that I have yet to read. And then I saw it. The book that I had read in the 6th grade and loved more than any other book. The one that had gotten me obsessed with reading. It was “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton. I read that book a million times, rented the movie with C. Thomas Howell, Ralph Macchio and every other famous young man of that era. I had to borrow. I had to. I started reading it that night and continued it on the way to work. It makes me feel just how I felt in 6th grade, completely immersed in the world of greasers and socs.

So, audience participation time: what was your favorite childhood book? My second favorite, when I was in 2nd grade or so, was “Lulu’s back in town” but “The Outsiders” was the one for me. What’s yours?

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