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August 31, 2007

August 1, 2007

Ron Paul and the people who love him

My friend Todd Seavey agitates for Ron Paul today on NRO:

Do conservatives not really want all the things Paul has to offer? Then why do we fight at all? If it’s merely for power and mainstream acceptance, one might as well support Hillary Clinton or wait until after November 2008 and support whoever comes out on top. But if we want a radically smaller government — precisely that thing that a Republican Congress neglected to do for the last twelve years, which has created the current mood of conservative frustration — we must support Ron Paul. Remember how small government was at the nation’s founding and consider how perhaps even conservatives have since then become de facto socialists, accepting the leviathan state as inevitable. But it’s not inevitable if they vote against it when history hands them that chance.

For the record, despite my appreciation for the enthusiasm of Paul supporters, my own feelings on the Congressman are closer to those described in this article (hat-tip James): Ron Paul: Idea-Driven, Decent, Unworthy

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June 7, 2007

The guy named “No”

I met my first Ron Paul supporters at the party last night. They were super intense (Funkypundit commented that high intensity is a libertarian trademark and I tend to agree) but fabulously dressed:

Check out the buttons on the sleeves!


The girls had never heard of Ron Paul but the convincing Ron Paul boys had them sporting the stickers in no time:

***Image Removed***

No, I don’t think Ron Paul has a chance to be anything but a fifth-tier presidential candidate but boy, the other campaigns should hope for such dedicated supporters. Ron Paul does have an army. Anti-war though it may be.

UPDATE: One of the girls wrote to me that “my friend and I do not support Ron Paul and would appreciate if you removed the picture promptly”, so I agreed to blur their faces. I’m nothing if not accommodating:


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