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August 26, 2008

You’re racist if you don’t vote for my guy

In the year 2008, there are few heroes. But there is one man, one Leonard Greene, who tells it like it is:

“The biggest issue in the 2008 presidential election is the color of one man’s skin.

There, it’s been said. No more denials. No more world records in verbal gymnastics. No more elephants on the convention floor.”

Wow. He’s so brave. I’ve only blogged about like 8 other articles just like this one (except, seriously, they were mostly better written). We’re all racists for not lining up behind the candidate he feels we should support.

He continues:

“How else do you explain a race tighter than Michael Phelps’ swim cap?”

I explain it by saying Barack Obama is a weak candidate with limited experience and not a lot of depth. To put it in Olympics terms, the election is a marathon, not a sprint. He can hope-change it up at the start, fire up the crowds, go on a tour of Europe. But all of that gets old if he can’t provide specifics on his numerous plans and farfetched ideas.

The fact that it’s the NY Post publishing this Greene character is more than a little embarrassing. His article reads like a blog post, except not nearly as thought out.

Hat-tip Ari.

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