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March 26, 2009

Because why should only my Facebook friends get to see a 4-year old redhead?

A week from today, we leave for Turks & Caicos to get married. If you’re not following my wedding blog, well, too bad for you because it’s awesome.

I’ve been going through old photos, getting an idea of what I’ll want to include in the eventual wedding video and wanted to share with you all my first day of school picture:


I told the story on Facebook so I may as well tell it here: My parents are very “what could go wrong?” type of people, so they put me on a schoolbus on my first day and sent me on my way. Oh, did I mention I didn’t speak any English? The note pinned to me tells people who I am (my Hebrew named is Chaya, which is like the only word I can make out on my note) and where I need to go.

When I got to school, literally my only English was the entirety of the Pledge of Allegiance which I learned from watching Romper Room. Apparently this impressed my teacher and I was bumped up from nursery to Pre-1A. It might not seem like that big a deal at age 4 but for the rest of my life I’d be the youngest person in my grade.

Oh, and nearly every picture of me as a child has me standing in a hands-on-my-hips pose. Clearly, I was badass.

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