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April 28, 2006

What my friends are blogging

*Fisch celebrates Father’s Day early with a sweet story about his dad. My father would have so kicked my ass if I did what Fisch had done in this post.

*Zelda rounds-up my birthday party. Some pictures exist here and here. Yes, I may have been drinking.

*Dawn Summers has decided that playing good poker was overrated and now plays 4-5 to pre-flop raises and complains when she is outdrawn. She also believes that who you are at 12 is who you will always be. I say just because her growth was stunted at 12, there’s no need to make a theory for the rest of us.

*Ari had a weird cabbie experience.

*Joey McKeown is on a poetry kick and wants the ladies to know he’s more than just a hot body– he’s also a big bank account.

*American Legends reports that the Yanks and the Mets are seeking tax relief. Seriously, me too.

*My Urban Kvetch has a pop-culture round-up that includes porn stars, Britney and the latest Hollywood fad of having bastards. Do we still use the word ‘bastards’ in 2006? Eh, whatever, I will.

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