Alarming News

May 27, 2005

What our City Council wasted our money on this week.

From a site called ‘Feministing’ that I found via Liberteaser:

This week NYC Council unanimously passed Women’s Restroom Equity Bill which establishes a 2-to-1 ratio for women’s restrooms in new public venues including, bars, restaurants and concert halls. Whoo-hoo!

From Wash Post:

“It’s a women’s rights accomplishment,” said council member Yvette D. Clarke (D), the bill’s chief sponsor. “It goes to the quality of life that we are able to enjoy in the city.”

So, now it’s a ‘right’ to have extra bathrooms for women. For the record, it isn’t feminist to act as if women are too retarded to find themselves a bathroom or be able to wait until they can.