Alarming News

February 28, 2006

Blogroll Update


Super Fischel- My good buddy Fisch (who also happens to be my poker hero) has started a blog. His first post wonders if Bush could ever abandon the Iraq mission. Go leave him some comments and welcome him to the blogosphere.

David Teten- David is the head of a really cool group called Young Jewish Leadership PAC whose mission is ‘to maintain and strengthen the relationship between the United States pro-Israel community and the Republican party’. His blog, however, is about ‘investing, leadership, management, career acceleration, personal productivity, securities research, and online networks.’ Pretty dynamic guy.

Out there in America:

Virginia- Black Market Baby Dealer- I discovered Brent after my My Space post prompted him to add me to his list of friends. Anyone that counts Dorian Davis among people he’d like to meet must be pretty cool.

Also, it’s sad but true but Ace of Spades is being moved to the Boston section. NY misses him already.