Alarming News

July 29, 2005

Dumb things over which I get all worked up

Via GOPINION, I found this post about Moby’s newfound respect for Eminem because of the latter’s anti-Bush song, ‘Mosh’. For those that don’t know, the two men had a very public verbal brawl. Eminem embarrassed Moby in multiple ways, including a mention in one of his songs calling Moby a ‘bald headed fag’, ‘old’ and describing Moby’s music style as ‘over’. Moby, wildly outmatched in every possible way including bankroll, talent, fame, brains and size, backed down and announced randomly at an Awards Show that he had ‘no problem with Eminem’.

This irks me so much. Do you mind if I use foul language to describe it? If you do, don’t click on.