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January 31, 2008

Mitt. Mitt. Mitt.

Thinking of voting for McCain because you think the writing is on the wall, that he’ll be our nominee and so you may as well get used to it? Read this first (hat-tip Hot Air Headlines). There is more conservative man in this race, and one that doesn’t want to change the constitution to reflect the bible. That man is Mitt Romney. We’ll all have to suck it up and go with McCain if he’s the Republican candidate running against Hillary or Obama. But we don’t have to do it yet. Go Mitt.

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January 30, 2008

There’s only one thing left to do–Let’s Go Mitt!

“Start looking hard at the numbers and put yourself in the discussions with Team Romney. It isn’t pretty, but it is far, far from over.”- Hugh Hewitt

I actually think it is over but as I wrote on Walter Olson’s Facebook wall, when we end up with McCain I won’t forgive myself for not agitating for Mitt.

Expect this site to be all-Mitt-love-all-the-time until the point when I will have to resolve myself to the fact that my Republican party picked the worst candidate of the whole damn bunch and start supporting, gag, John McCain. And make no mistake about it, I’ll support McCain when he’s the Republican nominee. No matter my problems with him, my problems with Hillary or Obama are so much deeper. Now is our last chance to get another candidate. If we fail to do that, McCain will have to be our guy and we will all have to get behind him. Even those of us who wrote multiple posts titled “Anybody But McCain.” Sigh.

Want to get involved with the Mitt campaign in your state and don’t know how? Drop me an email and I’ll figure it out for you. This is still doable. Not very doable but we must at least try. Go Mitt!

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