Alarming News

October 31, 2005

Choo Choo

I am so annoyed at the Democratic party in NY. For the second mayoral election in a row, I was planning to go into the voting booth and vote third party. And, for the second mayoral election in a row (scroll down for details and also to see me say that Bloomberg, who at the time had a 30 or so percent approval rating, should not be counted out in ‘05), the Democrat is forcing me to go vote for Mike Bloomberg. Just when I thought I’d reached a decision to vote the Libertarian candidate Audrey Silk, I discover this ad by Freddy Ferrer trying to tie Bloomberg to Bush. Now, anyone with any honesty knows that Bloomberg has near zero in common with Bush. But the reminder that Bloomberg has been good to Republicans makes me want to reward him with my vote. Damn you, Freddy, damn you.

Update: Whoa, dude. Via Politicker.