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January 30, 2009

Feeling pessimistic

Michael Steel elected RNC chair.

I wish I was as confident in what this meant as many of the people I follow on twitter seem to be. I like Michael Steele. Capable, smart, and generally just a great new voice for conservatism. But does it really matters who runs the RNC when elected Republicans refuse to live up to the principles in the party platform? What’s he going to do to enforce conservative practices in our elected officials? What can he do?

I’m also less-than-thrilled that self-congratulations for picking a black guy has spread from Democrats to Republicans. Ken Blackwell, who also was in the running for Chair said this:

“I cannot change the composition of this electorate [pause for laughs] nore would I want to,” Blackwell said.

But he added, Republicans must “unleash a new birth of freedom” He said, Republicans need a candidate who “must inspire hope,” “have leadership ability and a “vision to pull us together and … Americans together” …

“That is why I put my fullest support behind Michael Steele.”

Again, Michael Steele is awesome, why are we limiting his election to just “wow, we picked a black guy.”

Both Allahpundit and John Hawkins are predicting smears of “oreo”, racist photoshops and so on from the left. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Obama’s Democrats proved them wrong?

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