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June 26, 2009

The obligatory Michael Jackson post

I’m closer in opinion on Michael Jackson to E than to Dawn Summers although I do find myself somewhere in-between.

When I was a kid, I wanted to marry him. Turned out he wanted to marry kids so my crush kinda faded (ok, it faded much earlier than his molestation trials, I found it hard to look at his melting face after I turned around 12).

I had put him in my “too weird to live” category a long time ago so his death was not nearly as shocking as it seems to be for others.

He was once a great talent but I thought the “You are not alone” crap was…crap and he hasn’t produced anything decent in years.

What he did to Paul McCartney showed him as a bad person (McCartney explain the benefits of owning song catalogs to MJ, MJ bought the Beatles catalog from under him). Maybe it was the early and constant celebrity but this was not a man anyone ever wanted to emulate in any way. Not in looks, not in character.

Thank you for your few good songs, MJ. RIP.

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May 21, 2007


Also via Fark, an auction of Michael Jackson’s property includes:

“There are a couple of paintings Jackson made of children, of boys—naked. And there are some of his whitening creams, some sex aids…some of the old records in his sealed [sexual molestation] court case.”

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