Alarming News

February 27, 2009


That Max Gross!

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February 25, 2009

Train of thought

What I love most about Facebook is the way it puts people you like, but might not actually get to see, front and center in your life. And it tells you all kinds of things about them without ever having to actually make contact with them.

Today my thinking went: “oooh, look at Max Gross commenting on Robert George’s status. Max is so cool, I love our funny conversations at poker games and parties. He even checked up on me when I was sick. Man, that Max Gross should have a blog, I would totally read him! Oh, wait, does he blog on his Schlub to Stud site? I think he did. Does he still? Oh, he does! He does! I should blogroll him so I remember to read him all the time.”

And now I have. Thank you, Facebook!

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