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October 29, 2007

Dumbass deeds done dirt cheap

In a move reminiscent of Muslim cab drivers in Minnesota refusing to pick up passengers carrying alcohol, Utah’s liquor commissioner wants restaurants to hide their alcohol lest anyone get offended:

Liquor control commissioner Bobbie Coray asked her colleagues on Wednesday to consider a rule to cover up bottles of booze displayed at restaurants because some diners may be offended at the sight of alcohol.

A glass partition between bartenders and customers required under current regulations may not be enough, Coray told her fellow liquor control commissioners at their monthly meeting.

Coray, a lone holdout opposing liquor licenses for strip bars, now wants the commission to place more restrictions on glass partitions in restaurants. She called the partitions “a Zion curtain,” imposed to satisfy Mormons whose faith eschews alcohol.

Although the four other commissioners have not supported Coray in her quest to take away liquor licenses from sexually oriented establishments, they did not indicate whether they would back Corey’s bid to keep alcohol out of view.

Glass walls don’t obscure the alcohol, said Coray, a nondrinker, turning the “atmosphere in a restaurant to more of a bar.” She singled out the Cheesecake Factory, which opens its first Utah outlet at Fashion Place in Murray on Nov. 1, because alcohol bottles are in plain view.

“We have a dual responsibility,” she said. “We are to make alcohol available for those who want to consume it and at the same time not make anyone uncomfortable.”

Really? The responsibility of the liquor control commission has become to insure comfort? Because I’m completely uncomfortable with the idea that I have to pay for booze at all. It should be free. Make that happen, Bobbie.

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