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January 30, 2009

December 17, 2008

Even better than the real thing

It’s a mystery to me that some people hate Vegas. What part do you hate, I ask. Is it that everything is beautiful and perfect, that you can have anything you desire at any moment of the day and night, the weather is often great and that the whole city is designed to meet your every want and need? Do you hate the spectacular dancing fountains and the lion’s habitat in the middle of a fancy hotel, the astonishing recreations of world landmarks and images and the breathtaking flower displays? It’s soulless, lots of people reply. I don’t know. Maybe I don’t need every city to have a soul. Or maybe I don’t think ugly and difficult authenticity makes. Vegas is easy.

It was a really great trip, and not just because IC came in third in the 90-person poker blogger tournament (which was most of the reason we went out there–I came in 14th, respectable but only 9 places paid) and not just because we won $1,000 at the Wheel of Fortune slot machine in the airport right before our flight home. Not just because we had our first, and second, In&Out burgers, and loved them, and not just because the weather only turned the day we were leaving. It’s everything about that city. I love Vegas! It can be anything you want it to be.

I’ll try to have a post up on the poker blog today but I leave you with these pics, two taken in Italy, two taken in Vegas. Can you tell which is which?

K in San Marco Sq.

K at San Marco Square, Venetian

Shai at Trevi at Caesar's

Shai at Trevi

I guess it’s not that hard, Vegas is cleaner! :-)

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December 11, 2008

If you’re on Twitter or Facebook then you know this already

There is currently a 60% chance I’m going to Vegas this weekend.

UPDATE: So, I’m like 85% likely going to Vegas this weekend. Vegas offers such cheap flight+hotel deals that they’re basically paying you. Basically.

Deciding between Wynn and Venetian, here are the considerations:

Both offer a $100 credit per room per stay.

Venetian’s credit is $50 in gaming a $50 drink voucher at LAVO, complimentary admission to the club at LAVO with a VIP line pass to LAVO per suite per stay. While the 50 bucks for gaming sounds ok, the 50 bucks for drinks doesn’t seem useful as drinks in Vegas are either A)free or B)dirt cheap. And am I going to a club where I might need a VIP line pass? No, no I’m not.

Wynn has its 100 bucks in dining credits to be used at Red 8, Stratta, The Buffet, Terrace Point Cafe, The Cafe at the Drugstore, Zoozacrackers, Sugar & Ice, or Cabana bar. Sounds good but these are mostly casual dining establishments. I can’t see us racking up a hundred dollar lunch at some sandwich place and we’re going to want to go fancier for dinner.

The Wynn package is a little bit cheaper, about $100 less in total but also a little farther away from all the other hotels and so might necessitate more cabs. I like that the Wynn is quieter than the Venetian but the Wynn’s poker room, while pretty, has the wackest chip structure ever (for those who play poker: it’s a 1/3 game with $1, $2, $3, $5, $10, $25 and $100 chips in play. Ridiculous.) Another plus for Venetian is that we’re playing in a poker tournament at the Venetian on Saturday.

I’ve stayed at both hotels and they are both spectacular and luxurious. So, advice please. Which to choose?

UPDATE: It’s the Venetian and it’s booked.

ANOTHER UPDATE: And since several of you have emailed to ask: no we are not eloping.

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December 30, 2007

Me, me, me

BG wrote up his Vegas trip report and calls our 2-hour political argument his favorite part of the weekend. Also, I’m intelligent and accomplished. So there.

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December 6, 2007

Is there a better song to be listening to as your plane lands in Las Vegas?

Listen young people I’m 74
And I plan to live 60 or 70 more
Yeah I’ve been all around I’ve done a few things
And I spent a few nights on the floor, oh!

Did everything wrong but I never got caught
So of course I would do it all over again
I surprised many people who’d written me off
Years ago now they’re way underground

Nobody asked me but here’s my advice
To a young man or woman who’s living this life
In a world gone to hell where nobody’s safe
Do not go quietly unto your grave
Do not go quietly unto your grave

Learned a few tricks and I’ll learn a few more
And I got enough bullets to fight a small war
Nobody asked me so here’s my advice
To a young man or woman who’s living this life
In a world gone to hell where nobody’s safe

Do not go quietly unto your grave
Do not go quietly unto your grave
Do not go quietly unto your grave
Do not go quietly unto your grave

“Do Not Go Quietly Unto Your Grave” by Morphine

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April 4, 2007


My birthday month (I turn 30 two weeks from today) kicks off in Las Vegas this Saturday.

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