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May 27, 2005

Learning to love Kudzu

I first saw Kudzu in Georgia. Mark Harris told me the story of how Kudzu was imported from Japan to stop erosion but ended up growing over everything and becoming unstoppable. This is Kudzu:


Maybe it’s because this is the current view from my window in NYC, but I found Kudzu to be quite nice.


Gary Pettus:

It was brought to the South during the Great Depression to help control soil erosion, but it helped itself to everything else. It covers hills, telephone poles, ravines, abandoned headstones, slow cows.

Unable to kill it, stop it, or even make it chew with its mouth closed, Southerners have tried to pare it back by, among other things, eating it. Before it eats us.

Now, it turns out that Kudzu heightens the buzz from alcohol. I can see the vine suddenly developing legions of fans, can’t you?

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