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July 27, 2007

Paranoid Android

Someone is out to get John Edwards. He’s not sure exactly who, though. Click the link and see who wants to spread the word that Edwards is a paranoid freak. It’s not who you think.

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April 5, 2007

I’m glad I don’t live in his America

John Edwards is disgusting.

H/T Hot Air.

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February 5, 2007

And now for something at least somewhat related to this site’s theme

The Democrats running for president in ‘08 picked their theme songs to approach and exit the podium at Friday’s DNC meeting.

The worst choice was made by John Edwards, who picked “This is Our Country” by John Mellencamp, a song used in a Chevrolet commercial, which is both terrible and spectacularly overplayed.

I know it’s a small thing but picking something that hokey and obvious, hokey and obvious enough to be in a commercial for pick-up trucks, shows he doesn’t have his finger on the proverbial pulse, and is a sign of doom for the Edwards campaign. That, or his saying he will definitely raise taxes if elected. Whichever.

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December 28, 2006

Let’s see now, I was a Senator for one term and then I ran as VP, yep, I’m definitely ready to lead the free world (Karol)

John Edwards joins Democratic presidential race:

Former Democratic vice-presidential nominee John Edwards jumped into the presidential race Wednesday a day earlier than he’d planned, prodded by an Internet glitch to launch a candidacy focused on health care, poverty and other domestic issues.

The North Carolina Democrat’s campaign accidentally went live with his election website a day before an announcement Thursday that was scheduled to use Hurricane-ravaged New Orleans as a backdrop.

The slip-up gave an unintended double-meaning to his campaign slogan on the John Edwards ’08 website: “Tomorrow begins today.”

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