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March 31, 2006

Benefit of the doubt

My father called me last night and was all worked up after having heard on the radio that freed US hostage Jill Carroll was praising her captors and their treatment of her. Turns out, her praise was recorded by her captors prior to her release. No one can fault her for saying anything she needed to say in order to remain alive.

“It seems this interview was being conducted under duress,” Bergenheim said. “When you’re making a video and having to recite certain things with three men with machine guns standing over you, you’re probably going to say exactly what you’re told to say.”

It is what she will say now that she is back safely that will really count. She’s not off to the greatest start, admittedly, but give the woman some leeway, please, she’s been through a lot and it is not uncommon to identify with your captors. We’ll see where she ends up, let’s go easy on her until then.

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