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September 27, 2006


I stole this picture off of Ms. Esther’s flickr page:

Kidnapped soldiers.jpg

I remember when Gilad Schalit was kidnapped and I had all this hope that Israel wouldn’t wuss out, would level Gaza and Lebanon if they had to to get their boy back. The fact that Gilad is still out there somewhere, maybe, speaks volumes to the kind of control Islamofascists have over the world. They kidnap Israeli soldiers, murder civilians, slice throats of Dutch filmmakers, riot and burn over words and still get insulted when Islam is tied to violence. Somehow the west is still wrong, somehow we’re the insensitive ones who don’t get it.

Well, I get it. Gilad is still missing and Israel had the capacity to burn the whole place down but didn’t. Maybe some people feel some kind of pride over this, though the fact is that leftists still think Israel went too far, but I just feel like we’re suckers.

This Yom Kippur, as Jews all over the world atone for their sins, remember the soldiers in the poster. But most of all, remember that what he didn’t get here, to the year 5767 by the Jewish calendar, by letting ourselves get killed while the world sympathizes with our killer. If we will survive, we must fight back and never backtrack. This year I pray for leadership that will understand that.

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