Alarming News

May 30, 2005

The big fight coming up

When Ace and I were gearing up for our first show (it’s called ‘Hoist the Black Flag’, and you can listen every Tuesday from 4-5pm at and the show replays all weekend long), I was telling some friends that our first guest would be Michelle Malkin. My friends aren’t very political so they asked about her and her major issues. I explained that she was against illegal immigration and that was the focus of a lot of her writing and talks. They asked ‘why, is anyone for illegal immigration?’ They were surprised that there were people supportive of illegal immigration. The people in my story are immigrants, like me. Their parents waited for years to escape not just poverty but religious and political persecution. They aren’t friendly to the idea of someone breaking the law to get here.

I thought about their surprise that anyone can be supportive of illegal immigration when I heard about the protests at the ‘Illegal Immigration Summit’ in Las Vegas. What are some of the arguments of the pro-illegal immigration side? Here’s one by Miguel Barrientos, president of the Las Vegas Mexican-American Political Association: ‘They’re creating division among Americans. We don’t need it.’ Is no disagreement allowed on this issue, then? Obviously not, as ‘Racists, go home!’ is what the protestors shouted at attendees.

What is racist about thinking that illegal immigration is wrong? What is racist about worrying about the security of your nation’s borders, at a time when your country is at war with a shadowy enemy who is trying to infiltrate your country to destroy it from within? Minuteman organizer Chris Simcox spoke at the conference and, mentioning recent deaths along the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona, said ‘There is no reason human beings, regardless of where they come from, should die horrible deaths.’ What’s racist about that?