Alarming News

May 28, 2005

Fish in barrel

Adam McKay, who generally writes lefty rants over at that Huffington site, has a post where he tries to find common ground for both the left and the right. He notes that he doesn’t like large deficits, or tax-breaks for rich people and that he does like the environment. Turns out, he even likes the military and supported the Afghanistan war. Then, he gets into Iraq. He writes:

But for the life of me I don’t get the whole Iraq thing and how we’ve all forgiven the mistakes made by our leaders that led to 100,000 Iraqi deaths and thirty thousand U.S. casualties.

What, now? Iraq Body Count, a site that I believe overexaggerates its stats, has the Iraqi deaths at maximum 24766. As for U.S casualties, 30,000 is so outrageous I think he just randomly chose a number. Iraq Coalition Casualty Count has the number at 1656. That’s quite an error.

McKay’s next sentence is ‘What am I missing?’. Facts, buddy, facts.