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April 26, 2007

You don’t want to know

Howard Dean said that the best way to get candidates to really talk about the issues is to close the discussion off to press. Dean suggests the candidates have “meetings” with voters where they can discuss the issues off the record. How idyllic it would be, citizens throughout the country gathering around in small meetings and questioning Hillary about her real thoughts on gay marriage, or what Obama would do about Iran. Of course, most people have jobs to go to, kids to raise, errands to run, American Idol to watch and don’t have time to listen to each individual candidate at a location that may or may not be near their home, espouse on the views they can fit into the time alloted for the meeting. That’s where the media comes in. They have to listen to these people all the live long day. And then they tell us the important or interesting parts of what was said. Everybody is happy.

What does it say about Democrats that their leader doesn’t want you to know what they’ll do should you elect them to office? It says that they ran on a “we’re not Bush” message in 2006 and that’s unlikely to be enough in 2008. Howard Dean knows there is no message, there is no plan, there are no new ideas and the American people won’t buy what the Democrats are selling if it’s sold honestly. They’re holding together a very fractured coalition of people brought together in their hatred of George W. Bush, and the less the voters find out about their various positions, the better.

Voters deserve to know what they’re getting, and if a candidate can’t talk about the issues for fear of it being reported in the press, they aren’t a candidate worth taking seriously.

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