Alarming News

June 28, 2005

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Our guest today will be Julia Gorin. She has written for,, and she has a piece in the October issue of Hustler and a profile in the September issue of Penthouse. Yes, really. Her latest article ‘Serb, lies and videotape’ questions whether we chose the right side in the Kosovo war.

Our new format features one interviewee and one guest commentator, who will generally be a blogger. Today’s guest commentator is Dorian Davis. Dorian is a sometimes-guest blogger here at ‘Alarming News’ and one of my all-time favorite bloggers. He is currently on hiatus because he is working on a book.

As always, Dawn Summers will be guest blogging the proceedings. Feel free to hang out in her comment section and comment along too. I do read it as the show is on so I can gauge what we’re doing right or wrong.