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December 27, 2007


From the Associated Press:

Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton on Saturday made her closing argument to female voters in a message that could be reduced to three words.

You. Go. Girl.

Actually, it’s more like “Republicans hate families”:

Clinton, standing in a lobby of a YWCA, told undecided mothers and their daughters that her agenda for families and children is the most aggressive to help them. She touted her family care and child care tax credits designed to lessen the burden on working women.

“We can do a better job in supporting families than we do right now,” Clinton said. “We give a lot of lip service to family values, but we’ve never really valued families in a way that we can.”

Or, the slightly lengthier, “Vote for Me, I’m a Chick”:

One voter, a self-described feminist, asked Clinton later in Keene if she thought it was acceptable to support her based solely on her gender.

“Of course I do,” Clinton said with laughter. “I’m not asking you to vote for me because I’m a woman. … But the fact that I am a woman gives this election extra significance.”

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November 6, 2007

If I weren’t already a border-line insomniac…

this would keep me up at night.

Hat-tip Ignatious.

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October 11, 2007

Hey baby I got your money, don’t you worry

Hillary has a million ideas and you’re going to end up paying for all of them.

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September 20, 2007

Crazy in love

Remember when Dawn Summers met Obama? It didn’t go well. Hillary went slightly better:

By now, the Senator had started greeting the folks at the beginning of the line. She shook hands with each person, and spent some time chit chatting and laughing while a professional photographer took photos.
As I made my way toward the front of the line, I started to panic. I can’t make fun of mormons!! I mean, what if she laughs and someone overhears and then it’s like a huge scandal and it’s all my fault we get President Giuliani *shudder.* So I decided to go with the more sychophantic “I always thought I was going to be the first woman President, but if it can’t be me, I’m glad it’s you.” But then, I heard someone in front of me say something similar, so I scrapped that in favor of “Actually we’ve met before. I was a White House intern.” But well, you can imagine why I ended up scrapping that. Then I was going to tell her that earlier that night I heard a rumor that she was going to be salsa dancing.

Yes! Perfect! Not cheesy, not controversial and hey, if she actually salsa danced she’d have to give a shout out to the Gimp from the VIP lounge!

Done and done.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

She chokes. Read all about it.

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August 26, 2007

So, which is it?

In case it wasn’t obvious by my frequent posts on music, the beach and relationships, I’ve basically taken the summer off from politics. But the recent Hillary quote is too good not to mention. She said:

“It’s a horrible prospect to ask yourself ‘What if? What if?’ But if certain things happen between now and the election, particularly with respect to terrorism, that will automatically give the Republicans an advantage again, no matter how badly they have mishandled it, no matter how much more dangerous they have made the world.”

There are only two options here. She can only be saying that the Democrats are unserious on terrorism and voters know it, or, she’s saying that voters are stupid and will actively vote for the party which mishandles the terrorism threat. Either way, it’s a winning message…for Republicans.

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January 22, 2007

Reactions to Hillary’s announcement

“Wow, she’s running. I had no idea.”-Ace

“Dawn weeps.”-Dawn Summers

“She’s surprisingly non-robotic, although I guess if you can train animals to perform on sitcoms, you can train Hillary to feign warmth for 30 seconds.”-Allahpundit

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January 21, 2007

I’m serious, man, I’m so sincere

Hillary has to know she’s in for two years of jokes like this.

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