Alarming News

November 29, 2006

Let’s hope Mr. Todd is right

The National Journal has an interesting piece on the widespread belief that Hillary has the nomination for president all sewn up. Chuck Todd lays out six reasons why her run will be difficult, I find #6 particularly interesting:

President Bush: Welcome to what I believe is the single biggest problem for Clinton. It’s Bush, America’s second “legacy” president. It’s not that any Democratic voter will believe she will be like the younger Bush as president — it’s that Democrats may want to break the cycle of Bush, Clinton, Bush and Clinton. It’s possible voters got the “change” bug out of their system in ‘06, but if not, the fatigue of the same people in charge for a 20-year period (or basically, a generation) is going to be a problem. Clinton’s far from being an outsider. Also, don’t underestimate the polarization fatigue. No matter who started it, the twin-wing hatred of the Bushes on the left and the Clintons on the right may be exhausting the political system. Perhaps that “Rodham” name can be of use after all…

Via Daily Politics.