Alarming News

October 30, 2006

All Hallow’s Eve

One of the guys from the fabulous film site Cinema Strikes Back hosted a horror movie night at his place last night.
I was able to attend for the last two, “Nightmare on Elm Street, Part I” and “Friday the 13th, Part I”. I found Nightmare to be a better movie–the girl was hotter, Johnny Depp wore a belly shirt and it was just campy and fun. However, I found Friday the 13th to be much scarier, mostly because it’s more realistic than some dead guy killing teenagers in their dreams (although, when you find out the killer at Camp Blood is a middle aged woman, the fear factor decreases by a lot).
My brother, who is 5-years younger than me, used to be terrified of Freddy and was unable to sleep for months after watching Nightmare. And one of the guys watching the films last night said that the last scene in Friday the 13th, the one with Jason in the water, haunted him for a long time when he was a kid.
So, audience participation: Which of these two did it for you when your parents were down the hall and you knew Freddy or Jason was coming to get ya?