Alarming News

March 28, 2009

Is Barack Obama bringing out the Republican in Robert George?

I feel he might be. Or maybe everyone’s favorite West Indian, Catholic, worked-for-Newt-but-voted-for-Kerry pundit is just a contrarian? In a post titled “Change we can bereave in”, Robert writes:

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey announced Thursday that the 1,776-foot edifice that was to replace the World Trade Center will no longer be called the “Freedom Tower.” Instead, it will have the less ornate appellation, “1 World Trade Center.”


The timing couldn’t have been better. It follows on the heels of the Pentagon’s ending the War on Terror. You didn’t hear? You must have missed the memo. No, seriously. In a memo, following a request from the Office of Management and Budget, the Department of Defense declared that foreign military and strategic ventures associated with various Muslim-world nations will no longer be called the “War on Terror.” It is now Overseas Contingency Operation.”

Who misses George W. now? Who?