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October 27, 2006

Flipping the Upper East Side

I had a blogger gathering for blogger and State Senate candidate Philip “Flip” Pidot yesterday. Bloggers in attendance (though, yes James, you write a blog in column form):

Dan Freedman
Dorian Davis
James Taranto
Robert George
Scott Sala
Tom Elliott

Ben Smith, Azi Paybarah, Pretty Numbers and Emma are all dead to me for not attending. Just kidding. Um, mostly.

Flip is a terrific candidate, with some serious pro-growth ideas for New York. He’s impressive on the issues and a really cool guy on top of that. The fact that he’s running in my district is a bonus and the fact that he’s a blogger makes him extra cool. If you live on the upper east side of Manhattan, I strongly urge you to check Flip out and vote for him on election day.

Pics from the event are here.

Dan at the NY Sun’s “It Shines For All” blog writes up the event here.

I’ll link other write-ups as they are posted.


Allah issues the Hot Air endorsement. Really, what more do you need to know?

Urban Elephants writes up the gathering.