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August 30, 2005

Who are you people?

I thought the flasher story I posted yesterday was a bi-partisan, ‘you go, girl’ kind of situation, where we can all agree that flashing is bad. Reading through the comments the picture-taker is getting, I can see I was wrong. My personal favorites are the ‘you stupid Americans, we Europeans frequently grope ourselves on the metro’ comments:

*Why are you trying to prosecute him?
Did he violate your rights in any way? Do you have a right to avoid seeing things that you don’t like? Do you hate human sexuality? Are you a repressed Christian, is that why you’re doing this?
I don’t know why you feel violated, and why you want to “protect” other women from your experience. He was a man doing what all men do. There’s nothing wrong with that. You and the police that are the only ones here violating rights.

*Not that what this guy did was not distasteful, but really, are you hurt? Were you raped? Hit? Cut? Exposed to disease? “Violated” is terribly strong language for what in the grand scheme of things is nothing at all.

*Why would anyone be thinking about this for a whole week? It’s not traumatising to see a penis, what is she, twelve? has she never seen one before? yeah the guy was beating off at her but you wouldn’t be pissed off and thinking about it for a whole week. If anything you would be telling it to your friends and joking about it.

*So friendly_chic407, when did you realize you were a lesbian?

*My parents were burned at the stake for their non-puritan beliefs. Seriously, until every dog shits in it’s own home then I will proudly condone masturbating in public.

*All this fuss about a man showing his —-?? America is not the world. It happens worldwide with females being the biggest culprits of exhibitionism. Only in America. :-)

*Although I definately agree that what the guy did is unacceptable behavior, I have to say I think this is going a bit overboard. With this being picked up by the media, the guy will be made into a social outcast. That is definitely more damaging than what he did. I’m personally sick of the attitude that it is wrong for someone to do anything you don’t like. Again, I agree that it is innappropriate to do this, but the guy might need a bit of help or counseling, not a cruxifiction. Your actions (posting this on flickr) are, in my opinion, are as reprehensible as his. I’m sure you’ve caused him much more damage than your discomfort. Congratulations….

*ok, see no one would care over here in europe!
so what, he is not hurting anyone, you all need to take the stick outta your asses and stop being so prude!
if you dont like it, GET UP AND MOVE THE FUCK ON, god 40 years ago it would be a picture of a black man on a train, 30 years ago a homosexual, and today a “pervert” give it up….hes just an exibitionist, thats been goin on for years…

*OH MY GOD! THAT GUY HAS A PENIS! WHAT A SENSATION! HE MUST BE JAILED OR – BETTER – HANGED! You, americans, are so fun – “Oh, i was so traumatised, oh i want him to pay my valium bills, oh i can’t ride a subway for 10 years since”. When some of you, fat girls, going around with barenaked bellybuttons (fat) with pubic hair sticking over the pants – THAT is traumatic!

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