Alarming News

July 30, 2007

Boys and Girls

Fallen Sparrow points to a very interesting series on “Bad Boys” and “Femme Fatales”.

I love this stuff and Allah has been slacking on his Alpha/Beta theorizing lately. While I see certain aspects of my personality in two of the Femme Fatale descriptions (I’ll let you all guess which), I don’t recognize any of the men in my life as the Bad Boys described. I think I may have very briefly dated an Artful Dodger but, in general, the types described don’t do anything for me. I suppose it’s because the Bad Boy will almost certainly have multiple women in their lives and, for me, the mere whiff of interest in someone else makes me lose all desire for the man. I have no fight in me, I don’t compete, and like Ian Brown once sang, I wanna be adored.

So, c’mon commenters. Fess up. Are you a femme fatale or a bad boy, and if so, which type?