Alarming News

March 27, 2007

A NY-centric trip around the blogosphere

*If you’re the betting type, check out Funkypundit’s prop bet offer for ‘08. (UPDATED 1:30am: Or, go make a prediction in Allah’s pool on when Fred Thompson will announce..)

*Blogroll Addition in the NY section: Serf City. It’s run by Jim Lesczynski and I predict it will be the go-to site for NY Libertarians (both with a capital and lower-case “l”).

*It’s a bad idea to say anything even marginally insulting about Fred Thompson right now. He’s steak and conservatives are starving.

*I wanted to leave Joey McKeown a MySpace comment telling him I enjoyed his poem channeling Nina Simone. But apparently his MySpace page was removed because of “suggestive and inappropriate” images. Joey, Joey, Joey. Too sexy for MySpace.

*The jar says herring but I’m not sure what that thing with teeth is (hat-tip David). This blogger is not NY-based, I just wish he was…