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October 29, 2008

Thoughts on the election while I procrastinate on doing 8 other things

I agree with Peter Feld and Dick Morris (both of whom, sidenote trivia, taught me in grad school!) that the “undecideds” will break for McCain. No, it’s not that they are racists, just that this race has become the election of Obama or not-Obama and my sense is undecideds usually go for the “anti” vote.

I’m not sure there are enough of them at this point to make a difference nationally, but they may on a state-by-state basis. Real Clear Politics has Obama up by 4 in Florida and 6 in Ohio. Those numbers might be the margin of undecided voters which, obviously, is McCain’s best case scenario. Of course, if he loses Virginia and Colorado, as it appears he will, none of this matters anyway.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: forget about Pennsylvania. Making Obama spend money there wasn’t the worst idea ever but in these last few days before we choose our next president, McCain’s campaign should surrender the fantasy, completely, that some disgruntled white boys in Pennsylvania are going to lead some kind of rebellion and take down Obama. They’re not.

Is it over? Mostly. But there’s a reason we still have an election day, despite all the polls. If you care about who will win, get out and vote and bring others with you. The only people who matter are the ones voting. The people answering the phone and giving their opinion to a pollster just don’t.

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