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June 26, 2007

News from the ‘nabe

My favorite coffee and dessert place on the Upper East Side, DTUT, has closed. DTUT stood for “Downtown Uptown”, and while I know they were affiliated with Drip on the West Side, I don’t believe they have ever had a downtown location.

It used to be a dating cafe where people would fill out a profile to be put into binders. Potential daters would then sift through the binders and leave a note with the cafe. The cafe would then call and let the prospect know someone was interested and a date would be set up, likely at DTUT.

By the time I started going there with any regularity, they had scrapped the dating side-project. I hadn’t been there in years but had recently wandered in with my friend Ren. We sat on the comfy couches and enjoyed our chocolate fondue and super sweet frappes.

I guess the Pinkberrys and Cold Stones of the world drove it out of business. Oh well, life goes on. See ya when I see ya, DTUT.

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