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June 27, 2007

March 23, 2007

DiFara’s Update

I know I’ve got a lot of pizza-loving New Yorkers reading this site so I figured I’d post the update from pizza-lover-currently-living-in-DC, Philip Klein:

Okay, I know this is slightly ridiculous, but I just spoke to Dominick’s son on the phone, and he said they’ll be open either tomorrow, or Monday, they are just waiting for health inspectors to give them the final okay. Basically what happens is that the health inspectors come and they start finding violations and adding points, and if you accumulate enough points, they shut you down until you fix the problems. One of the things they always nail Dominick on is his refusal to wear hat and gloves–he always gets an automatic two points for that. He said that because of recent news reports of rats in restaurants, the health department is under fire, so now they’re getting real tough. In any event, crisis averted, it seems. Praise the Lord!

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