Alarming News

August 31, 2005


Matt Taibbi, formerly of the NY Press and now of Rolling Stone has this amazing ability to be a total moron and yet sometimes get the story that no one else is getting. His crashing a Wesley Clark meetup back in December ‘03 was just such a story. Now, Tim Blair quotes him on a trip to Crawford:

The movement likes to think of itself as open and inclusive, but in practice it often comes off like a bunch of nerds whose favored recreation is coming up with clever passwords for their secret treehouse. The ostensible political purpose may be ending the war, but the immediate occupation for a sizable percentage of these people always seemed to be a kind of rolling adult tourist attraction called Hating George Bush …

At one point at Camp Casey, an informal poll taken around a campfire revealed that six out of a group of ten protesters, selected at random, believed that the United States government was directly involved in planning the 9/11 bombings. Flabbergasted, I tried to press the issue.

“Do you know how many people would have to be involved in that conspiracy?” I said. “I mean, start with the pilots . . .”

“The planes were flown by remote control,” a girl sitting across from me snapped.

I have really seen this ‘argument’ pick up steam lately. I’ve been seeing 9/11 conspiracy stickers around NYC. A commenter on a liberal site wrote, in relation to a different conversation, ‘That’s so off the wall it’s gotta be true. Since 9/11, I mean.’ It goes back to that step into crazy that hardcore leftists can’t help but take. The fact that people in the world irrationally hate you and would kill you without thinking twice about it is a hard reality to accept. For a liberal, who thinks that two people can understand and accept each other if they just talk out their differences, it’s near impossible. And for a true leftist, who believes that America is always bad and wrong, and that everyone else, particularly brown people, are usually right, the concept that Mohammad Atta would kill you the same way he’d kill George W. Bush, well, it’s just too much. So, it has to be a conspiracy. It can’t possibly be that 19 Muslim men killed 3000 people who were on airplanes and in their offices or having breakfast in a restaurant. Because if that’s true, then they could be dead just the same. And all of their proper, correct opinions about the evil of America and the goodness of everyone else will mean nothing. The plane will fly into their office without ever once considering their politics.

Conspiracies make people feel smart, certainly smarter than the rubes who believe the official story, and if there’s one thing leftists enjoy it’s feeling smarter than everyone else. They let them hold on to prejudices (George W. Bush is the evilest man to ever live. He must’ve had a hand in killing his own citizens, I just know it!). Most of all, they stop them from wanting a real solution to our very real terrorist problem. If Atta and 18 other Middle Eastern men didn’t do it, then there’s no reason to need to change the Middle East, there’s no reason to highten security, the only solution is getting rid of that madman George W. Bush. And, as we all know, it’s much easier to get rid of a democratically elected president whose term ends in 3 years than of a vast network of terrorists who want us all dead. Conspiracy nuts will have their victory in 3 years, even if another Republican is elected. The rest of us will have to wait a lot longer for ours.