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March 29, 2007

Today’s music post

Claudine Longet.jpg

When I met my ex-boyfriend, Warren, he had a Claudine Longet record hanging on the wall of his room in a very musical house on Holman Street in Allston, Massachusetts.

He told me she was a French singer who, in a fit of jealous rage, killed her pro skiier boyfriend with a sniper rifle while he was on the slopes (her Wikipedia entry actually has an entirely different story on how she kills him but I prefer the version I first heard).

He then played me some of her mellow, pretty songs and said “this record is impossible to find.” An ebay visit and four dollars later, I was the proud owner of the Claudine Longet record pictured above, despite the fact that, back then, I didn’t have a record player.

She has a really pretty voice, perfect for a slow-moving Thursday.

Warren and I? Still good friends. He marries the lovely Chartreuse Velour this June.

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