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October 26, 2008

Everybody’s linking it

Charles Krauthammer has the McCain endorsement. This is my favorite part:

I stand athwart the rush of conservative ship-jumpers of every stripe — neo (Ken Adelman), moderate (Colin Powell), genetic/ironic (Christopher Buckley) and socialist/atheist (Christopher Hitchens) — yelling “Stop!” I shall have no part of this motley crew. I will go down with the McCain ship. I’d rather lose an election than lose my bearings.

First, I’ll have no truck with the phony case ginned up to rationalize voting for the most liberal and inexperienced presidential nominee in living memory.

That’s right, no truck! And the socialist/atheist conservative line is funny too. He does a pretty good job explaining why McCain is superior to Obama, if you’re into that sort of thing (with just a few days left until the election, I’m unconvinced that there are really any undecided voters left).

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