Alarming News

May 27, 2005

Islamofascism v. Segregationist South

Cathy Seipp:

Liberals then did not tsk-tsk about the observation that the segregated south was a toxic, racist culture that had to change — nor did they explain to blacks impatient about “colored” water fountains etc. that really, this is a different culture after all, and we need to be delicate and understanding.

Certainly I realize that there are differences between the pre-Civil War south and Islamists today. The animosity of segregationists was focused on blacks; Islamists especially hate Jews, but also aren’t generally fond of Americans, Christians, women, homosexuals, Buddhist statues or the entire western way of life. And even at its worst, the segregated south wasn’t expansionist, at least not in the 20th-Century. When George Wallace stood in that schoolhouse door, he didn’t mean that schools across the entire planet should conform to his notions of separate but equal — or watch out for the suicide bombers.