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February 25, 2009

Am I the only one?

I have to disagree with Ace and Allah, a rare happening, I think Bobby Jindal did a great job in his rebuttal. Wooden? Um, our last candidate was John McCain and our last Republican president was George W. Bush. Jindal? I’ll take it. The real issue with Jindal is the same issue we had with Palin: they’re not ready for the kind of scrutiny they will get on the national stage. Both are great leaders, both are very bright, and both will be eaten alive if they don’t take some time to adjust to the spotlight. Can we run in ‘12? Maybe. I’d rather he wait until ‘16, personally, and we run a Mark Sanford-type instead. But good job in the response, Bobby. Straightforward, honest, plain-spoken and clear. That’s all we really needed right now.

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April 30, 2008


Bobby Jindal was on Jay Leno last night and while he’s personable, smart, well-spoken and generally awesome, he completely doesn’t work on late-night.** And I love that about him. Anyone who works a little too well on late-night shows, cough Huckabee cough, risks coming off clownish. I hope Jindal goes far.

**Jindal did get off one really great line when Leno asked “your father wanted you to be a doctor, how did you get into politics, the sleaziest profession of all?” and Jindal responded “that and Hollywood.” Stick it, Leno.

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