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September 30, 2006

Blogroll Update

My blogroll policy is to link interesting, informative and funny blogs that I’d like to visit again.

In addition, I link pretty much everyone that comments with any regularity.

I’ll also blogroll any NY conservative, poker-playing conservative or hip-hop or indie-rock listening conservative. Conservatives, in the American sense, who live in Britain are also sought out.

If you fall into one of these categories and I’m missing your blog in my blogroll, drop me a line.


Discourse DB- The new political wiki site started by Yaron that I mentioned the other day.

New York Politics:

Daily Gotham- We’ve got Urban Elephants on the right and Daily Gotham on the left.

Early and Often- New York Magazine’s new local politics blog. There’s hardly anything going on politically in NY, yet these local blogs attached to mainstream publications keep popping up. We’ll see who is left after the election.


Eta-Ta- I met Tatyana at the blogger party last year. Her blog is mostly in Russian but she wrote about her recent camera scuffle in English.

Grade-One Gadfly- Another blog from a NY-based rightleaner, bringing our total to like 12 (yes, sarcastic, yes).

Yaron is writing- Mr. Daily Lunch is writing.


Elephant State- Online networking for American conservatives.

Up For Anything- Have I already mentioned how much I love poker-playing conservatives? ‘Cause, I’ll say it again….

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