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June 25, 2009


I’m very bullish on America. No matter which doofus is in charge, I always think we’re going to be ok, I always like us best (daydreams of Italy with my husband and a brood of Italian-speaking children notwithstanding), and there’s never anywhere else that I’d rather be. And you know those right track/wrong track polls? I’m one of those always on the right track. Even when things go badly, it’s ok, we’re a young country and we’re learning, we’re ok.

Let me go on for another minute. Even when Obama sends his stupid face on video to Iran, or equates the holocaust with the Palestinian situation, when he gives an hour-long informercial on his brilliant yet totally unthought-out healthcare plan, when he talks out of both sides of his mouth on Iraq, on gay marriage, on any complex issue, I still think America will be ok because he’s just one man, it’s just 4-8 years, and we’re a strong country which can survive anything.

But reading that Congressmen Barney Frank and Anthony Weiner want Fannie May and Freddie Mac to relax lending standards to new condo developments, well, that just leads me to despair. We’re still in the middle of a financial crisis, caused by bad mortgages previously encouraged by Barney the buffoon Frank, and yet he is pressing us to give more bad mortgages. It makes me lose my faith. In an America running on the right track, we would toss these bums out on their asses. We would stand outside their offices and demand they resign, as they are too stupid to lead us. We would throw rotten fruit and shun them from the public square.

I not only think we’re on the wrong track, I think there’s a train coming at us.

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