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October 15, 2008

Resigned to a president Obama

McCain, advisers split over attacking Obama-Wright ties

Here’s the thing (what’s the thing?, tell me the thing): October 15th is waaaaaaay too late to have advisers split on anything. Bring up Wright, don’t bring up Wright, it likely won’t matter. Voters already know that Obama loves hanging out with shady people. They don’t care because they’ve just watched their 401k accounts take a massive hit and Obama is pretending that his being president will somehow change that. It won’t. But it sure sounds nice. Can McCain say something, anything, that sounds nice? Obama’s policies, the few that he has explained, are patently idiotic. Perhaps McCain can point that out instead of talking about a guy who was in the news months ago. Explain to people that their wallets will take a hit under Obama. They’ll have to, there’s no other way for him to pay for his lalaland plans.

What does matter is that it’s October 15th and McCain has nothing I’d consider to be a cohesive message. Don’t get me wrong, Obama’s message of “I’m not Bush” isn’t exactly a mind-blower but at least he’s got something.

It’s hard to care about a McCain win when he doesn’t seem to.

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August 27, 2008

That, Dawn, is a buuuuuuurn

“And please clarify for me, which is worse, not knowing the amount of homes you own or how many states we have?”


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July 24, 2008


Poll: McCain closes in on Obama in some states

What’s interesting about the 4 states in which McCain is gaining (although how they include 50-30 Wisconsin in this I have no idea), is that three of them were “blue” states last time. I’m still liking my gut prediction, with my popular vote qualifier, even with (or maybe especially because) the European fawning over Obama this week.

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February 20, 2008

Hope is not an accomplishment

I maintain that an Obama candidacy will be a whole lot of this.

My Republican friends that are worried about Obama should look to the fact that there’s over 7 months between now and election day. The hope and change blah blah will start to grate. He will be challenged on actual accomplishments. And while we may have our problems with McCain, his 25+ years in Congress have produced actual, tangible results. I want us to run against Obama. An empty suit can never become president.

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