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January 31, 2007

Yeah, stop the presses, Arlen Specter is disagreeing with Bush

From a story titled “Specter, other Republicans deserting Bush”:

You know things have changed when Arlen Specter is talking back to the president and fellow Republicans nod in agreement.

We here at Alarming News strongly dislike Arlen Specter. It’s not what you think; it’s not because he’s a liberal. We have no problem with liberal Republicans running in states, like New York, because we believe a liberal Republican is better than any Democrat. No, it’s because he is a perpetual thorn in the side of the president and his party when it is convenient for himself. However, when he needs Republican support, whether it’s to be re-elected Senator from Pennsylvania or to become Judiciary Committee Chairman, he seems to forget all of his moral qualms about his party.

(/Royal “We”)

I interviewed Arlen Specter, shortly after he won the extremely close primary against Pat Toomey, and he assured me he would be the same Arlen Specter he’d always been. He didn’t clarify that he meant “two-faced”, but it could be assumed. I know of at least one person who is all too aware that Sen. Specter can’t be trusted.

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