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September 12, 2012

Obamacare in one sentence

This is awesome:

Hat-tip Larry

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9/11, 11 years and one day later

It was hard to say anything new about 9/11 after 11 years. On Facebook I posted “I’ll never forget but I don’t carry it around with me like I did for years afterward. That almost scares me, reminds me of 9/10 complacency, but it’s easy (and good) to let life go on and not let worry cloud everything you do. RIP everyone, and everything, we lost that day.” And then added this comment “The years 2001-2003 are a blur for me. I became even more of a homebody than I was. I wasn’t afraid to leave my house, and I wasn’t depressed exactly, but there was a cloud over everything. I felt like the blackout of 2003 finally snapped me out of it. The fear at first that it was terrorism followed by the relief that it wasn’t made me feel good about life again (eating all the ice cream sandwiches out of the fridge before they melted helped.)” But everything else has been said in the last decade.

It gets harder each year to really remember what that day was about. This year a NY Times op-ed columnist, and former reporter, placed the blame of 9/11 on the Bush administration as if they sat back and did nothing on purpose while these attacks were planned. I have a response to this in today’s New York Post. Just like the other truthers, who believe there were no planes, fire can’t melt steel, etc., these new “soft” truthers can’t handle the real truth of what happened to us that day.

Yesterday’s attacks on our embassies remind us that we’re still at war. Islam might be a fine religion, every religion has its maniacs, but fundamentalist Islam keeps rearing its head and killing people. It must be put down. You don’t have to be a conservative to believe that. This brand of Islam is entirely incompatible with liberalism and seeks to squelch freedoms we all take most seriously. The right to not be offended doesn’t exist and, despite what the US Embassy in Egypt believes, there’s also no right to not have your “religious feelings” hurt.

People keep commenting that I haven’t written enough about the upcoming election. I just have too much going on in my life right now to stay on top of things like I did in 2004 or even 2008. But yesterday showed that we continue to have a weak president who makes our country weak too. Obama’s only statement on the embassies was to attack Romney. This is no leader. I have called him an empty suit for years before he got elected and it is more true than ever. I want a Republican president but I would accept a strong Democrat right now. People keep saying that’s Hillary but I’m not so sure. If I had the option to swap out Obama for a truly strong Democrat, who wouldn’t let our country down the way Obama did yesterday, I’d jump at the chance. It’s not partisanship anymore, it’s Americanism. I want to see a strong America again and with Barack Obama we never will.

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September 5, 2012

My other big news

My friend Michelle and I have opened a blowout bar in NYC. And you can get a simultaneous manicure too.

We got our first write-up today in Racked.

We’re doing Friends&Family week through Sunday so you can use code FFFix for 25% off blowouts by making an appointment on our website.

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September 4, 2012

Stop patronizing us

I’ve got a piece in the NY Post today about how much I hate being a “woman voter.”

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