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January 11, 2012

Candidate Mitt Romney

I wrote yesterday, before the NH primary, that the only chance of any kind of upset is someone other than Mitt winning first place in New Hampshire.

I was on my way to a results-watching party at the other end of the city last night and at 8:01pm, a minute after polls closed, every station called it for Mitt. I was still in the cab.

So, it’s probably over.

I guess Rick Perry can make his last stand in South Carolina but like other obvious winners before him, like Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson last time around, the problem for Perry is that his campaign has been so terrible that I don’t expect it to magically get better in time to put up a real challenge.

But hey, it’s not the campaign season if we don’t have a lot of pointless speculation. Give me yours, if you’ve got any, in the comment section.

Posted by Karol at 10:08 AM |

The problem for Perry is a deep one. Comparing homosexuality to incest is just dumb.
Declaring yourself the “Jesus” candidate and then attacking a country because it is a “theocracy” is bizarre.

Posted by: Lt. Oilybird at January 12, 2012 at 6:59 pm
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