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November 8, 2011

Not Mitt? For Rick.

My latest piece for WNYC’s A Free Country takes on the idea that Not Mitt Romney is anyone other than Rick Perry at this point.

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I’m for RICK PERRY! HE has been governor of Texas for 8 years.
He is still a common sense conservative. He has proven he can KEEP jobs and growth coming to TEXAS. This will always be a topic of concern in America if we want to continue to live in a free CAPITALISTIC country. Too many conservatives are falling for this game THE LEFT is doing which is trying to select our candidates.

We should PICK the strongest CONSERVATIVE candidate that will keep our values and protect our country. Also, we MUST have a candidate that truly LOVES this country and BELIEVES in her. That PRESIDENT will do whatever it takes to keep her strong economically and physically by strong military power; but still friendly to our fellow man. Just like the bible would want us to be.
Rick Perry is the BEST candidate to keep jobs growing and loves his country enough to keep her safe. But he is compassionate enough to help out his fellow man.

Republicans should be PICKING our candidates at the convention – not having debates on BIG SCREEN TK where the LIBERALS rip them apart.
This is the game WE have allowed ourselves to be drawn into
with the LEFT.
THE LEFT doesn’t care who we choose to be president. They plan on destroying him. Their agenda is to turn us all into SOCIALIST.
WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! Obama is taking apart our CONSTITUTION bit by bit. Turning each other against each other. We must elect someone that will keep us strong and respect our RIGHTS!!!!!

I ASK YOU, Do you want another McCain? No Way!!!!

Rick Perry is our guy! Once a Boy Scout. Graduated from TEXAS A&M! HE was a Yell Leader and in the CORPS. He has proven his leadership qualities in the state of Texas enough times to be reelected several times.

I am a tea party conservative but not a member. Our base needs to get motivated to get out and get “fired up” like a coach gets his football team motivated.

Let’s all get busy. Let’s go win this election!!!!!!

Posted by: Mrs. Rosin at December 4, 2011 at 12:00 pm
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