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November 2, 2010

Vote Sadie for Governor of NY!

This is Sadie’s final campaign video. It is a response to Dorian Davis’ final campaign video. While Sadie is specifically running for governor of the great state of New York, feel free to write her in for any office where you don’t want to choose between loser A and loser B. She’s already gotten a vote in DC and in Florida. And New York!

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November 1, 2010

The sun will come out tomorrow

John Hawkins has a round-up of predictions from the experts for tomorrow.

Even the most conservative estimates look good to me.

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If this was an anti-Democrat ad, maybe you would have heard of it

Super racist ad against Randy Schuler, Republican candidate in NY-1.

Hat-tip Jeremayakova.

The disparity in what the press covers is simply amazing. I’ve never heard of this ad, and I live in New York. If it was a Democrat in the ad, obviously it would be the scandal of the century. It gets boring, and exhausting, to keep asking “what if a conservative candidate did this?” “What if a conservative TV personality (if such a thing existed) called a liberal candidate ‘a bitch’?“, “what if a conservative president said people were turning against his party because they’re stupid?”, “what if it was a Republican name that magically appeared on ballots before voting even happened?” But we have to keep asking the same questions in the same exact way so it resonates. It’s hard to believe that most of the media has a definitive outcome they’d like to see in most elections, but of course conservatives know that this is exactly the case. Our only option is to keep calling them out, again and again and again.

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And for the record, Sarah Palin is still my homegirl

Sarah Palin, and many conservatives I follow on twitter, are up in arms about an anonymously sourced story on Politico stating that “top Republicans in Washington and in the national GOP establishment” are looking to “stop Sarah.”

What I don’t understand about the outrage is that isn’t this what Palinistas/Tea Partiers/conservatives have been saying all along? That is, that the establishment/elitists/old guard don’t want to tamper with the status quo and find this new movement, with Palin as its unelected leader, unsettling?

The anger at Politico for publishing the story seems odd too. Sure using anonymous sources is cheap, but, again, it’s not like anything in the story is a great surprise.

If I was a conspiracy theorist (notice: I’m not a conspiracy theorist) I’d guess that it was pro-Palin people who were leaking this story to Politico, to make the establishment look bad and Palin the victim after the ruckus of the election winds down.

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